Do You Care About Website Rankings?? Must Read!!

If you operate a website, you might know about the importance of traffic and web rankings. There are websites that are at the top on the web rankings as well as there are lower ranked websites. When you search a query, you can see the list of websites that are displayed. There are millions of websites that are competing for the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Back-linking is a process by which you can increase the traffic to your website. Let’s see how back-links can boost website traffic.

What is back-linking?

Links are the medium which connects two things. The same goes for websites too. There are links that can connect between pages. Back-link is the linking scheme which connects links from another site to your website. Since the links are pointing back to your website, hence the name.

Back-linking is an important aspect from the SEO outlook. Every time when a site point to your website, search engine finds your site relevant. The maximum links to your page makes the search engines realize that your web page has quality information in it. Hence the ranking of your site gets increased. You can enjoy the benefits being in the top position.

Changes from evolution

As there were many changes happened with Google algorithms, back-links also saw many changes in its evolving years. Before the release of Penguin algorithm, lower ranked sites also enhanced the web rankings, which is not possible as of now.

There are some points to be noted about the sites which backlinks to your page.

  • If you get links from a site that ranks low, the backlink does not count. A backlink from relevant site has more value than other lower ranked sites.
  • Backlinking has a major role in boosting traffic. As it is a major functionality, website owners are dying hard to obtain more and more to the sites. Some of them use unusual methods like link buying, selling and exchanging. These are the violations of Google’s guidelines resulting in a penalty.
  • Apart from traffic boosting, backlinks can deal with indexing. Immediate indexing can be done since backlinks helps search engines to find websites. It is easier for search engines to find the sites with the help of links and allows crawling through your site.

How to create back-links?

  • Guest posting

A common method most of the people using are guest posting for creating backlinks. There are lots of websites asking for guest posts. Write on the reputed pages which can give you good links. It is not better to write on the pages that ranks lower than your site because it cannot contribute you anything. If you get backlinks from high quality relevant websites, you may not need to create them. The links from highly reputed sites has more SEO value. There is a tool known as Backlink Builder tool which helps in link building.

  • Infographics

Infographics are the elements which can make your website interesting and engaging. The best infographics can make people glued to your content with the power of visual treat. While developing Infographics it is important to select topics that are interesting or related to your product. You can charge for infographics and can earn more backlinks per infographics.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors

Competition is the main thing happening besides all these technical practices. Whatever we does, these are all for the sake of the website rankings. You should keep an eye on the strategies that your competitors are using. The knowledge of link building of your rivals will help you to adopt those techniques which in turn can provide you good backlinks.

Back-linking is the process which can seem simple but has its own challenges. But implementing right strategies can help you with earning good and quality back-links.