Check out the Flipping Upgrading in Google Ranking with Mobile Friendliness

Even though it has been nearly one year since Google has announced its brainy updates in mobile friendliness, its prominence in not fading away as it keeps on flagging up as one of the top ranking factors. In such a scenario, it is definitely worth discussing the in-depth facts in mobile friendliness, particularly for those who failed to catch up the updates on the Search Engine Optimization world.

Firstly, I’m going to ask you a straight question, is your website mobile friendly?

If it is ‘no’, then you must be ready to confess that you are running out of the active circle which has brought at least some percentage of downgrade in your website ranking. But still it gives you the space for short relaxation as you are totally safe with regard to desktop ranking and it crawls only in the mobile zone.

Come out of the mobile exile or stay happy as a Loser

It is sometimes right to stay some websites never learn and continues to stay as non mobile- friendly. Once Google gives the rank test for your website on different devices and there comes the big halt in ranking target. Some of the test results include:

  • The text appears to be smaller than usual, making difficult for the user to read
  • Navigation appears to be difficult because of the closely placed links
  • Content projected wider than the screen area
  • Search results will be affected globally irrespective of language or zone
  • The updating links to individual pages and not to the entire website, thus ranking may vary accordingly with the query strength of the website as a whole

Alongside the winners who survived the update got to get a special value for their website through making the user as well as the Google happy.

What can be the reason for mobile friendliness grabbing so much importance in ranking?

This question holds a strong thread for argument. Because Google has released mobile friendliness as an important update does not mean that you should follow it strictly. And on the other side necessity of hitting the top rank keeps you stand away from all the threats that may cause downgrading of the website ranking.

The rush in mobile user to conquer everything at their fingertips is making it a more powerful tool:

The researches based on desktop and mobile users have revealed that searches are conducted at a greater rate in mobile than the desktop. And, this stand as the most important necessity for upgrading the facilities that contributes in using the mobile devices effectively.

Finally, changes are made with data upgrading and not for mere opinions

Existence in the midst of valuable data can be the exact justification for mobile friendly upgrading. Brilliant execution through understanding the fact can keep you extraordinary among fellow competitors, thereby getting recognition for your website. So value your effort through playing with the exact tactics of updated data analysis, thus avoiding decreased website traffic and online revenue loss.