Five Reasons Why You Need Digital Advertising for Brand Promotional Campaigns

Businesses, irrespective of their size cannot think of digital advertising these days as it can reach their target audience way better than traditional methods such as print and visual media. For instance, a multinational consumer goods company Unilever was said to have increased its total digital advertising budget by 40% last year and allocating about 35% of its US spending. While other consumer goods firm Procter & Gamble spends about a third of its advertising budget in the US alone, via digital media. But there are people who still ask the question, “Does digital adverting really works for my brand awareness campaign?” For them, here are five reasons why they need digital advertising to fulfill their brand promotional campaign requirements.

Driving more Sales Conversions and Returns

The global information and measurement company Nielsen says that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase based information. Nielsen said this statement after it completed more than 800 studies over the past seven years in which the company collaborated with more than 300 consumer product goods brands and 80 companies to determine the correlation between digital advertising and consumer purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.

Highly Effective in Customer Engagement and Purchase Decisions

According to McKinsey, auto manufacturers are the sophisticated users of digital media as the company analyzed 24 customer touch-points for than nine-thousand car buyers to better understand which points of engagement drive car buyers’ premium perceptions and buying decisions. Not only did they find that digital platform is the key to driving premium perception, the company discovered digital networks dominate the path-to-purchase. McKinsey says that brands which rely on traditional media are constrained in their ability to influence prospects across the entire journey and doing so in a rough and discrete manner.

Enhancing the effectiveness of Non Digital Media

Microsoft and BrandScience conducted an econometric study which showed that digital advertising not only produce excellent ROI efficiency itself, but it also makes other media spend work harder. When the researchers made a comparison between studying that have an online part and those that do not, which is done in terms of ROI performance, the overall results were striking. Adding online to traditional media has found out to be a positive impact on the ROI campaign for all media, from a delta of 4 percent increase to 51 percent increase for outdoor and a whopping 70 percent increase in television.

Playing an Important Role in terms of Audience Reach

When it comes to audience reach, digital advertising plays an important role. For instance, in last year, the time spent by US adults surpassed when compared to TV, and this gap will likely  continue, as per many recent surveys. According to these surveys, US adults are estimated to spend four hours, twenty-eight minutes every day in front of their TV. When you combine online and mobile devices, US adults are expected to spend five hours and forty-six minutes with digital networks daily in 2014, thus increasing digital media’s lead over television to well over one hour per day.

Boosting Customer Interaction

Ad effectiveness can be determined by the quality of ad creative and the creative quality drives more than half of sales changes for brands analyzed, four times higher than the impact of the specific media strategy, as per a seminal comScore ARS study. Digital creative combines the dimension of interaction to sight, sound and motion, and greater interaction has been shown to drive brand effectiveness.

For example, comScore, IAB and Vibrant Media partnered to conduct a study on the effectiveness of mobile advertising for Microsoft Windows Phone, Hellman’s and Oreo. These standard banners were compared to the IAB Rising Stars which consist of interaction factor. The results obtained from the three advertising campaigns showed that consumers are twice as likely to interact with a Mobile Rising Star advertisement as a standard mobile ad and have higher brand lift after interacting with a Mobile Rising Star ad.

From the above mentioned reasons, you can get the answer to your question of why your brand marketing campaigns require digital advertising.