Four Not-So-Popular Tools that can Enhance Your SEO Efforts

Few Rarely Known SEO Tools that will Help You in Maximizing Your Success Rate

There are so many articles by experts about the future of SEO, writing content for people instead for search engines, tricks and tips for building your online reputation. With few days left to approach the year 2015, webmasters and marketers are now looking for new ways of maximizing their SEO success rate. But most of them now realized that content development plays a significant role in an SEO campaign and it is a well-written content that first makes an impression on users about your brand.

Also, as Google updates its Penguin algorithm every few months, earning links are getting harder and the whole SEO process has evolved from a simple task of spewing keywords into a complex and never-ending process of getting it rolling together. Furthermore, you need to roll of this together along with emphasis on UI/UX, relevance, speed, content, social engagement and links. Here are a few rarely known, but feature-packed tool for enhancing your SEO efforts.

GTMetrix for Determining Webpage Speeds

These days, the need for page loading speed is critical and is a ranking factor as with page relevant and quality content. Google mentioned about site loading speeds in its blogs and its contribution to UX/UI experience for internet users. Many industry experts point out how conversions depend on webpage speeds and different companies conducted tests to determine how slow page speeds affect their respective business entities. For instance, Shopzilla conducted an A/B test comparing the impact of the download speed had on conversion. The results of the test indicated 7 to 12 percent more conversions for faster pages than compared to the slower pages. The popular internet browser Firefox conducted a similar test, and it displayed a 15.4 percent increase in conversions.

Google and Microsoft ran a web page loading speed test and found that user satisfaction has reduced by almost 1 percent due to an artificially introduced delay and when this delay was increased to two seconds the user satisfaction was dropped to four percent. From this we can understand that fast loading site pages can score points for your SEO campaign, and a user-friendly and free tool such as GTMetrix can include in your SEO toolkit.

Comprehensive SEO Management with Rank Watch

A usual SEO campaign consists of keyword research, content creation, basic SEO and link building, and you need ways to track, analyze, measure and streamline your SEO work. For all this, you can use RankWatch which is a comprehensive SEO management tool and with the help of this tool, you can conduct city-based rank tracking for advanced dashboards, Geo-specific results, tracking competitors, keyword archiving and has got a web page analyzer. This paid version recommends potential keywords you didn’t track or consider, calculates and displays backlinks that contain tons of data, such as strongest pages, follow versus nofollow, and deep link ratios.

SEO Gadget for Excel Tool from Builtvisible

SEO Gadget for Excel from Builtvisible is a freeware tool which, according to SEO industry experts is something extraordinary. This tool allows webmasters and marketers to collect valuable link and keyword volume information from widely popular tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and MajesticSEO. Also, with the help of this tool you can uncover hidden opportunities by merging search volume data and link acquisition history without leaving your Excel Sheet. Finally, SEO Gadget for Excel gives you a great idea of which keyword groups work a real asset for your organization by harnessing the SEMRush and Grepwords APIs.

Speed Up Your SEO using Ontolo

Ontolo has been around for a long time and most marketers may know about it already and they will say that this paid SEO tool is a workhorse like no other. Ontolo can speed up your SEO process by dividing tasks of gathering, prioritizing and organizing content. It allows you to identify potential link building opportunities with an immediate “quickness” and a comprehensive “nightly” option, finds out who links to you, who should link to, and the contact details for every potential lead.

There are many other user-friendly, highly reliable and free/paid SEO tools other there and having most of them in your SEO campaign can surely increase the effectiveness and success rate of your strategy.