Google’s ‘Pigeon’ Update Paves Way for A Handful of New SEO Tactics

Although the global SEOs update each time, whenever there is any new update in Google Penguin and Google Panda, the latest algorithm changes made by Google in the name of Google Pigeon, has made a lot of impact on local SEO strategies. The pigeon update is a successful algorithm change by Google in order to provide the people, an enhanced and most accurate search experience when looking for some local services. But the web analysts are claiming that, nevertheless the pigeon update creates problems for local SEO services, they are paving new ways for some handful of advanced SEO tactics.

Google, like never before has started favoring results from Yelp and are utilizing them in its page rankings. Although this is meant for favoring people with more precise search results, they are found to open a new way for local SEOs to enrich their business through revised strategies.

Altered local SEO tactics overriding Google Pigeon Update.

Any local SEOs, who make certain renewal in their old strategies, are proven to be able for overriding this new Pigeon update from the Google. SO, if you are some local SEO you could try and experience some renewed tactics and experience the same.

  1. Maintain accurate and consistent data across the web : By new pigeon update, Google is trying to crack down most of the inconsistent and inaccurate data flows in the internet. In this context, if your SEO tactics are still optimizing for some inappropriate piece of information, then you are booked. Try as much as possible to maintain quality content, although your optimization techniques, to stand your position even after the wave of Pigeon update. 
  1. Yelp – easy option to withstand Pigeon update : To make higher page rankings on yellow pages would contribute much more than your original page ranking, when Google optimizes for a more accurate local search result. Even if you are serving for a small business enterprise, then also the benefits Yelp rankings could provide is seamless. 
  1. Google + - yet another way for local SEOs success : Unlike from recent times, Google Pigeon update has given importance to Google + reviews in determining an accurate local search. Once you succeed in defining a better review in Google +, the more you will be in Google’s local search results.
  1. HD Videos and Images take the job further: Wondering how an HD image or video could contribute more to your local SEO strategy? In the pigeon image, Google searches for high quality contents and naturally for high quality contents, there would be more size. Just in case of HD images and videos, they will be more in size than poor quality or average quality contents.

Principles always remain the same, whether you are a local SEO or a global one. It is the way of application of these strategies makes the difference. SEOs are need of this generation marketing and it would be a privilege to override all Google updates, as SEOs are not doing anything unethical.