Implementing Social Media Techniques In 2014

New trends in social media- an over view 

With the passing of every year, the role played by social media is becoming more significant. The rise in the number of internet users and tech-savvy people has caused many companies to rethink their strategies to make better use of these recent developments. Today, the influence and impact that social media has is staggering. People find it far easier to voice their thoughts as they feel they are not alone and have the backing of many others with similar thoughts. Many companies having seen just what social media can accomplish have decided to use it to interact with their customers and create a bond with them. They have started to come up with new techniques to catch the attention of the customers and get them to notice their products and services. Year 2014 may turn out to be the year social media really takes off. Some of the recent trends that you have to watch out for are,

‘Mobile friendly in a big way’

No one can deny the fact that mobiles are ruling the world currently. This device has totally transformed the way whole world lives. Today, just about anything can be done with the help of a smartphone and everyone stays connected to the rest thorough them. It is like these mobiles are the veins through which the same blood flows through different people.  Making their content mobile- friendly, allows companies to have a wider reach and more importantly they can use it as a sound board through which they can gauge the reactions of the public and make changes accordingly.

‘Better participation from the employees’   

Recently the involvement of various upper management personnel across various social medial platforms has increased notably. This is because some studies have shown that doing so ‘humanizes’ the company and adds a bit of down to earth quality to them. Company endorsement through various channels with the help of employees will have a wider reach and it will be far more believable coming from them.

‘Better crowd participation’

Getting the public involved is a strategy that many companies have put into effect. They come up with innovative ways to grab the attention of the people through the social media and then get them to participate. By doing so, they help to create a feeling in the person that they are a part of that company somehow or that they have a bond with them.  This technique will help to create a loyal following among the customers.

Putting in to use some of the aforementioned latest techniques in social media will help to enhance your bushiness in 2014.