Recent Trends in Internet Marketing

There is a constant upheaval happening in the online marketing industry with trends coming and going as we speak, companies have to keep a keen eye on the happenings so that they remain well equipped to deal any kind of emergencies. Moreover, since there are so many occurring the same time, the real question is about forecasting what changes will affect them most in the long run and adapting early on itself to deal with it or make best use of it. A recent report indicated that this year the retail industry was going to spend around 9.42 billion dollars on just paid online content.

Mentioned below are some of the recent trends in Internet Marketing that are touted to have considerable amount of impact on how internet marketing is going to behave in 2014. Keep a close watch on them.

  • Content still remains the Key : Though it seems to have evolved over a period, it seems content still has a role to play. However, there is a new version that is fast becoming popular- Sponsored content. Companies will try to make alliances and partnerships. The content created will have bearing on both and when shared will increase the visibility of both in a better way.  Moreover, recent trends indicate that companies with more marketability factor tend to generate more revenue this way. 
  • Transformed SEOThere is a common mistaken belief that the days of SEO are almost numbered.  But the fact remains that they still retain a prominent role in garnering visitors to a site through quality content that is genuine and also by enabling sharing across various social media platforms. However, latest algorithm updates like Hummingbird is an indication of how the future is going to be. The importance of keywords is diminishing and social media -oriented optimization process looks to be the new world order in internet marketing 
  • ‘Smartphones  take center stage’Phones, phones ……and more phones! It is like an outbreak of smartphones out there.  With all the major players staying competitive with introducing cutting edge mobile technology, there is not much we can’t do with a smartphone. Therefore, it is only natural that more companies are making their sites mobile friendly. Targeting clients through their phone through compelling content seems to be the new business success mantra.  
  • Re-targeting to target even more!  : The whole process is becoming is even more niche with companies having the option of choosing the kind of targeting that they want. For instance, there are all kinds of re-targeting services available such as keyword re-targeting, email re-targeting site re-targeting to name a few.