Three Real-time Techniques to Jumpstart Your Blog Writing Session in 2015

Three Ways to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills and to Come up with New Ideas

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B Content Marketing study, about 70 percent of the surveyed companies are developing more content now than they did a year ago, and 80 percent of those companies are using blogs. There is no question that blogs are effective when it comes to content marketing campaigns. They can be easily shared on all popular social media channels, and they are remarkably persistent, meaning you can share them or refer them many times throughout the year. It is also a known fact that blogs with new and fresh information are hard to produce and here are three techniques that can give you a jump-start your writing session in 2015.

Conduct a Targeted Keyword Research

For any content development campaign, keyword research is an important process for boosting appropriate keywords in search engine results. According to experts, keyword research should be a part of your content writing process, as finding the right terms might help you to do just little better on a search result page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your searches can help you to find out what people are really looking for, and that could give you some excellent blog post ideas. With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can conduct a simple search on a topic you are planning to cover. Your results will give you keywords that are similar to the topic you are looking for, but they come with a just few changes. For example, if you search for the term “blog post ideas”, you may get results such as “blog post ideas generator”, “make money blogging”, “creating a blog”, etc.

You can use the above strategy on blog posts that you have already tested in the past. Just type in the keyword or the whole headline in the search box, then you will get the results in which some of them are new on an old topic you have tried and loved.

Your Yelp Pages can Help You in Getting New Ideas

Businesses with ORM problems are likely familiarized to the idea of using Yelp as a precaution strategy. When businesses see a negative review that is popped up, they know that they must get to work in developing content that either explains or refutes the complaint. But the popular review website also assist you in writing blog posts about problems people either like or have questions about. If you have a Yelp page, not all of the reviews in that page are negative, and there must be some questions or compliments. You might have some great new ideas lurking on your own Yelp page. You need to read through reviews and look for things that get a lot of mentions.

Keep in mind that not all Yelp comments contain “blog ideas”, and there are some might just consist of complaints or random pieces of praise you cannot build on. But, watching the comments closely could give you some great ideas for writing that will really resonate.

You can find “Blog Gems” in the Comments Section

Two years ago, there were websites that disabled the comments section and website owners did it because they said that a “fractious minority” skew readers away from the intent of their original article or blog content, That means many websites just do not allow comments from outsiders. Your won website might not accept such comments. But if you do let people share and comment, you could end up with finding “blog gems” or blog post ideas to start your writing. Your readers might ask for more information about a specific item you did not cover entirely in your first blog post, or they might share their own opinions about the topic, which could make you compel to write. Also, you need to be careful when reading those bits which could in turn make your blog writing much easier and complete it on time.

It is not easy to come up interesting new blog ideas every day, but by paying just a little attention to the data that floats around you, chances are good that your next writing session will be produce a more productive outcome as you expected.