Vine Becoming another Marketing Platform for Brands

After its acquisition by the microblogging site Twitter, the mobile app Vine has got followers up to 45 million and is still growing. With this app you can create and post six second video clips and can be shared to social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. It was in the last month that Vine introduced the web version of their mobile application for desktop and laptop users to explore videos with ease. Also, users do not require an account to browse and search for video clips and the new version of Vine is available at

According to their official blog, “Today, Vine is going to introduce a brand new version which includes a bunch of new features that will help you search and discover Vine videos on the internet”. Also, another important feature you can find in the web version of Vine is the introduction of search functionality and you find your favorite content by searching by person, location or by tag. With some additional features such as Trending Tags and Popular Now, businesses can utilize to this opportunity to reap more benefits by developing a Vine-based marketing strategy.

  • Making Funny and Interesting stop-motion animation videos – With Vine, you make informative and eye-catching videos such as the one made by the popular retailer Lowe’s, which shows ‘do-it-yourself’ way using cayenne pepper to keep squirrels out of flowers, through #fixnix hashtag. Similarly, you can also work out on a video strategy which shows a quick fix for a common problem that many customers in your line of work tend to have. You can make a simple stop-motion animation, video clip that clearly expresses your idea. 
  • Know Your Customer’s Interests - For inducing more conversions through Vine, you need to know your audience very well. You can take example from the marketing campaign executed by the multinational clothing brand Urban Outfitters. If you visit them Vine channel, you can find a great combination of new products, ‘how-to-use’ videos on some of their products and subjects they know their customers is into. 
  • Real-time Customer Support – With the help of the vine, you can provide a real-time customer support just like the popular automaker Honda did this past summer. Users who tweeted #wantnewcar along with the reason why they wanted a brand new model got a special video message from a Honda dealer answer their query. You can also develop a similar tactic by encouraging your customers to post their reasons they might need or want your new product/service. Then prepare individual six-second replies to their queries in a fun and engaging way. 

Incorporate Videos in Your Content Strategy

With social media services such as Vine, Instagram and YouTube available, you can incorporate videos in your content marketing strategy and make sure those videos are entertaining and at the same time engaging too. If you don’t know how the plan or prepare a unique marketing strategy, you can approach any established service provider which has a team experts to help you in carrying out with your marketing objectives successfully.