Will Link Building Get a Place in the World of SEO in 2015 and Beyond

Importance of Link Building in the SEO Landscape in the Near Future

At the start of each year, people in the SEO industry are still debating on the importance of link building in SEO and whether it is in any way making benefits. It is a not deniable fact that link building played a significant role in boosting the search engine visibility of websites and online brand promotional campaigns. Also, it is well known that Google does take links into consideration as part of its ranking algorithm, but that building link directly is not the proper way to go about it.

According to industry experts, your objective should be to make sure that your web content “to be independent” and easy for your audience to share on their blogs and websites. There are others who downplay the importance of links, insisting that the ranking algorithm takes many aspects into consideration, and building links might do more harm than good for your website.

Does Link Building Negatively Impact Your SEO Efforts

The internet search firm Google has long viewed link building as a form of soft link manipulation, and the company’s task is to look for the most relevant web pages for a user query and rank them based on authority and quality. Any authority/quality signals gained through manipulative tactics could interfere with the accuracy of those search result rankings. The search engine, addressed this through Google Penguin, which is a ranking algorithm update which filters what it considers to be low-quality or spammy links.

Joining too many links, or too many of the same kind of link, or links or irrelevant or low-quality sources, can all potentially lead to a manual or algorithmic penalty. So, it is no wonder why some people say that link building can do more harm than good. However, that fact that link building can be harmful doesn’t mean it always is, and if you approach link building carefully, with an understanding of the aspects that will lead you to success instead of a penalty, you should be able to avoid any resulting trouble. This is the mindset of hardheaded search optimizers. Even though links are one of the most significant factors in the search ranking algorithm, so you make no effort to gain them is not good tactically especially when it is a safe bet that your competitors are focused on link building campaigns.

Is there any Right Way to Build Links

The reason why Google considers links valuable in its search ranking algorithm because they are an indication of trust, credibility, and authority. When another website links to your site, it means they found something valuable on your website, and that makes you more valuable as a substitute. In getting quality and natural links, first you need to work on producing high-quality content that is valuable and likely to be shared. The content you need to develop can include detailed blog/article posts, photos, infographics and videos which must be fresh, informative and shareable.

You can take your time and spend some extra money or resources to get the job done, because the higher your content quality is, the more links it will naturally attract or earn. You need to syndicate your content via Facebook and social channels, and hopefully, the rest will take care of itself. The high quality content can earn thousands, of new links on its own, and none of those links will be at risk of earning a penalty.

Syndicating and executing this type of content on a consistent basis can be difficult, since you need to develop original, informative, entertaining material every time, but it is worth it if higher authority is your ultimate objective.

There is another and more powerful way to build links without being wholly passive about outreach efforts and it is guest blogging. It is the process of establishing relationships with other blogsite owners, editors and media persons in order to gain the right to contribute to their publications. Anything you contribute will have editorial approval as it generally must be approved by the owner of the publishing firm. Also, guest blogging provides more benefits than just SEO.


Link building will remain in the SEO realm for sometime in the future, and you cannot avoid it entirely as Google still value external (good and organic) links. However, you need to consider updating your link building strategy as per the demands of your business and the Webmaster guidelines of Google.